Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling the sun!

It is an excellent time of year for studying bird nests. Old ones are completely visible due to the lack of leaves; new ones are being constructed. I have noticed birds of several species carrying straw or other materials. Some classes at school are studying birds. I got a bird nest identification book so that we could study nests and learn which birds made them. Turns out, even with a guide and a bird nest right in front of you, this is hard. I would love to go on a walk with someone who was expert in that area. Yes, that entire paragraph was mainly an excuse to put the drawing in there that I did in my nature journal a few weeks ago.

In plant news. There is a trillium emerging in my yard in a place where we did not plant one. I am not complaining about this, mind you. I'm thrilled. But I am a little miffed that the ones we did plant are not coming back. Is this a joke? Did Chippy cleverly move them just as he and I were getting to like each other?

One of the bloodroots I planted 2 years ago is hanging on. Last year, it came up with 1 pathetic leaf. This year, it appears it will have 1 pathetic (and I mean small) flower to go with its one pathetic leaf. I guess we're moving in the right direction. I wish we were moving faster. I want one of those huge clumps, with over 10 flowers and so many leaves that you don't mind picking one to show people why it's called "bloodroot."

I wish I had rescued the ones across the street from my mom's before the new neighbors -- not realizing or not caring that they had a goldmine of native plant materials -- destroyed it all and put plain mulch. They probably thought they had weeds, and now they have the clean look of trees and wood chips. Makes me grumpy.

Other things that I am pretty sure are not coming back in my yard: Dutchman's breeches. I keep meaning to go to OO and check the ones there for comparison, but I expect to have something by now...

In closing, Naomi is going to the Cubs game tomorrow, so let's all cross our fingers that the weather is better than it's been. (Tomorrow night marks an important phenological event -- after this game, I will be able to put away my snow pants, boots, etc. for the year.)

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  1. Naomi you need to never, ever say again that you are not so great at field sketches.....you are, in actuality, very good at it.
    Also, regarding Bloodroot--all the wild plants I see in the woods at our farm are single flowered, sometimes two flowers per plant. Not a ton of leaves either. I wonder if big bushy multi-blossomed plants are wild plants or those evil cultivars again.....?