Thursday, April 23, 2009


No time for photos, drawings, or even good writing... just a list of today's happenings:
  1. Wild ginger emerged. In shadiest places, it's just now peaking out. In slightly lighter shady spots, the whole leaves are out and big (but wrinkled).
  2. Pasqueflower blooming (1 in my yard is open, the other is not, and the third is dead...)
  3. Mayapples emerging, but still all folded up (and one got chewed already!)
  4. First tulip opened at school, but none in my yard even look close.
  5. Virginia bluebells have big purple buds, and will flower any day now.
  6. Lilacs have fully leafed out. Many shrubs are learing away, actually...
  7. Lilies of the valley are emerging.
  8. Cattails are about 6 inches above the water's surface (and the water is pretty high); visible where dead plants are now.
  9. Purple Coneflower emerged a few days ago, but is now looking robust.
  10. I have confirmed the happy suspicion that the mystery plants in my yard are shooting star! (Not flowering yet).
  11. In the garden, spinach planties and radish planties emerged. Also, a large crop of weeds...
  12. Tomorrow may hit 8o degrees! (SO happy I get to spend it in an institute day.)

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