Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things my yard is making

Crap day (week? month?) at work made up for by what I discovered while planting wild garlic generously given to me -- one of many wonderful gifts today, a high point of my workday -- by fivecrows . Here are some new discoveries.

1. Emerging pasqueflower.
2. Prairie Smoke.
3. Trillium.
4. Emerging red baneberry.
5. Bloodroot. My one plant has friends. I have discovered 2 more plants. The one shown here has 2 leaves and 2 flowers!!!!
6. Hepatica. Can you believe it!!!!
7. Spring beauties, transferred from my mom's house. Trout lily transfer not successful, but these survived.
Also, celandine poppies have many buds, and I will get flowers for the first time this year.
Basil and tomato seedlings popping up inside, and lots of sunflowers. Late to class!!! But so excited!!!

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  1. Each and everyone of them is a welcomed sight.