Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Sunflowers

Brown-eyed Susan,
filling in the void before sunflowers bloom. They are well-adapted to survive long periods without rain, for their hairy stems keep water from evapo-transpirating very quickly and their roots are wide-spreading and fibrous.

Culver's root begins to bloom. These tiny white flowers are actually in the snapdragon family, like beardtongues or the foxgloves that my dad so admires in England. They bloom from bottom to top, with the bottom ones forming seeds while the top ones are blooming -- so these are just starting, with the top ones still buds and only the bottom few in bloom.

Below, the first large-leaf aster (or big-leaf, some people call them, but that doesn't sound as good to me). These woodland asters are supposed to be some of the latest blooming flowers in the fall, and yet, mysteriously, a few are starting to open up in my yard. No idea why. My yard is apparently a mysterious place.

It is sprinkling outside, almost raining. Could we please, please, please get some measurable precipitation around here?

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