Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Garden Visit

Here is the new damselfly for the day... but I can't positively identify her. (The bluets are hard -- there's a ton and they all look similar. But the female bluets are even harder!) I think this one might be a female blue-fronted dancer.
I know this is bad photo (of orange bluets mating) but the point I wanted to make is... damselflies were mating today, like, a lot. At one point, I saw three couples at one time.
Sunflower ready to open up! I love the brown sunflowers, because their brown color is on top of the typical sunflower yellow. You can see the yellow through the brown costume, and if you pick a petal and break it, it's yellow inside.
Virgin's bower, the native clematis, in bloom.
Hophornbeam seeds.
Hazel nuts.

Now for the waterfowl update...
Baby swans.
This juvenile duck, probably one of the first born this year, is the size of an adult, but his coloring hasn't fully come in yet (his head doesn't have the pretty green), whereas...
These baby mallards are much littler and so so cute.

Plants turning color already (and, besides this fern and anenome, there are more, like some serviceberry leaves and Solomon's seal).

(Yeah, I know this is sideways. I don't care.)

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