Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Independence Day was mostly cloudy, temperature pleasant, and the sky teased of needed rain or most of the morning. It spitted a few times in the morning, but I stayed outside with a book through it all, so no real water. Finally, this afternoon, a steady, pitter-patter of rain fell, refreshing. It felt good to stand out in it. But I don't actually think it gave us a substantial amount of water. Finally, it got sunny in the early evening -- good luck, I guess, for all the fireworks watchers out there.
Flowers on a linden tree, nearly spent.

Big red-orange lilies blooming in my yard.

The first butterflyweed bloomed in my yard this morning (although most is a few days behind, and at school it is in full bloom. And I cannot figure out the pattern, really, because this flower is in a shadier spot than the other stand in my yard...)
Seedheads beginning to form on the northern sea oats.

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