Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DAMSELfly of the Day

Marsh Bluet

If I'm going to continue displaying odonates of my yard, I must now switch from dragonfly to damselfly... put them together and you have a veritable fairy tale of insects -- all that's lacking is the knightfly. Damselflies are generally thinner and more delicate-looking (aptly, I suppose) than dragonflies. Despite their name, damselflies share the same violent eating and mating characteristics as dragonflies. In addition to size, they are also usually distinguished from dragonflies by the way they hold their wings, which is back rather than out. (This characteristic is notable in the picture above.) Tomorrow's damselfly will be an exception to this rule, a member of the spreadwing family.

In other news, today's high is about 15 degrees below average, and the sun hasn't shown its face since Monday (when the bluet picture was taken).

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