Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the End...

We got about 12 inches of snow between early Tuesday morning and early this morning. Since is was finished snowing sometime before 4:45 am, we're in school today. We did have an early release yesterday, (but unscheduled early releases are actually more of a pain than a gift).

This morning is actually sunny (with a sliver of a moon) and the unmarred snow is in that lovely stage before the cars and plows have made the roadsides black and before before the feel have walked all over it. I shall try to enjoy it rather than being melancholy that I'm at work...
We made the first tracks in the snow!

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  1. Took the students out to build snow shelters in the the snow banks. The snow is a little fluffy and collapses easily. However many students made nice little snow caves and tunnels. They were disappointed when we had to go in, but we are going sledding later this afternoon.