Friday, February 19, 2010

Signs of Spring?

Or maybe just wishful thinking... you be the judge.

I was outside this morning and again this afternoon. The snow melted considerably between one and the other. It was a very sunny, warm day.

Also? I saw a bug. Far away from the building (so it couldn't just have been living inside and flown out the door), a small fly-like insect was darting around. It moved like a diptera, was about 2 mm long, and wouldn't stop moving long enough for me to get a good look at it. But there's definitely a bug out there.

These lilac buds are greening. I really think they are. Or am I just imagining it?...
I have been seeing tracks not just of opossum (left), but we also found tracks from a skunk (right)-- I'm pretty sure. After a lot or poring over books and researching, I have not been able to conclusively determine that these "mystery tracks" were skunk, but I have ruled out almost everything else and couldn't come up with any proof that they were not skunk.
I recognize that these animals walking around is not necessarily a sign of spring, as these animals awake and emerge at intervals throughout the winter... but they sure have been active lately!

Photo note: I know these track photos should be rotated. They're not great photos anyhow -- it was so sunny it was hard to even see, much less take pictures -- but it would help if they were the right way. But my computer is being ornery and won't turn them, and I'm done fighting with it, so just... tilt your head to the left and all will be well.

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