Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bugaboo (Running Out of Bug Puns)

As the Veteran has pointed out, frogs seem to be multiplying. I'm not saying we're about to repeat biblical plague number 2, but in the past couple of days we have found 5 leopard frogs in the lawn. This doesn't count all the frogs we've seen in the pond...

Perhaps their numbers are due in part to the large insect populations. Most of today's discoveries have to do with these:
This fellow, which I believe I have identified as an Amish bug, has fascinatingly fat front legs. With his flatness and his yellow/brown coloration, my first and second grade students astutely pointed out that it is camouflaged as an autumn leaf.
This is one of 2 monarchs I saw today.
Also, unpictured, we found:
  • a big green cicada, near the end of its life.
  • A very fuzzy caterpillar, about 2 inches long, grey and orange, on a sweet white clover plant. I have seen this same species on the same plant in previous years (8/25/06, to be precise. I sketched it then). My caterpillar field guide fails ID it, however, and I didn't get a photo.
  • Another argiope spider.

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