Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melon Query (with Alder)

Speckled alder, with parts both male and female. The male flowering parts, the catkins, hang down in an, um, traditionally masculine way. At this point they are green and tiny, preparing for spring's early bloom. The female cones adorn the tree in both green (new) and brown (old), making it a fascinating specimen to students, who can't understand why a "pine cone" resides on a broadleaf tree...

In sad garden business, the melons seem to have left their holding pattern of not ripe-not growing and died. The plants, leaves, at least, have turned crisp and brown and mildewed, while the melons themselves... still small and unripe. We picked one to see if it would ripen inside. Does anyone know? Should we harvest more? Please advise!!!

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