Thursday, September 3, 2009

The End is Near (UPDATED)

The world is still green, but everywhere I see small signs of what is to come. One, random branch on a maple tree that has ceased photosynthesis for some reason and given itself to fall colors...

Some students found an almost-dead shadow darner this morning. I wasn't carrying my camera when they showed it to me but later I got this photo. It is quite lovely, black with green and blue jewels lining its sides and large, multi-faceted eyes... they are still green with life, for now, but this guy's minutes are numbered. I am hoping it lived a long (for a dragonfly) life and reproduced and now it's old ready to expire...

Also I saw this woodpecker but couldn't get too close.


  1. wow i love to see woodpeckers. they are so rare in our climate. i wish you had taken a closer shot.

  2. My strategy is always to take a far shot really quickly, just in case that's the only shot I get, then try and sneak closer to get a better one. This guy would go to the next tree each time a took a step closer, so I wasn't going to get any sort of close-up... oh, well.