Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Blown Away

First, I would like to note... I was correct. My first class this morning had 21 students. Four kids wore shorts, and 1 kid wore capris. I would say half the class had a sweatshirt as their only coat, which did nothing to block the wind. And the wind was so LOUD, I had to shout at the top of my lungs and I still think the kids across the circle couldn't hear me very well.
Milkweed seed pods have not split open yet, for the most part. But some seeds were blowing past (at a very fast speed foe something with a parachute to slow it down) so at least one pod split open, either naturally or with the help of a child.
Saw 2 woolly bears already today. These caterpillars seem to thrive in chilly weather -- I haven't seen one all summer, and now that it's cooler, here they are!
This heron spent the morning crouched down, either stalking a fish or a frog, or trying to stay warm...
Nothing is actually happening to the cattails... their seeds aren't spreading or anything. I just wanted to show how bent over they were in the wind; and note that the lilypad in the background is blowing out of the water. The lake (and this is not a big lake) actually had whitecaps this morning.


  1. Guess you had some wind today. Hope it wasn't too ferocious for you. Looks like you found some wind-made beauty.

  2. No wonder that caterpillar likes chilly weather, he has such a warm fuzzy coat!