Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back... Sort Of

I haven't posted in a few days -- been feeling under the weather. Not terrible, which would mean staying home from work, but just the wrong amount of bad. Well enough that it would be silly not to go to school, but icky enough that being at school is not at all fun.
This is the second night in a row that it has gotten into the 40s. Our high temperatures have been about 11 degrees below average, and the lows have been ridiculous (not good for melons, tomatoes, peppers...). This morning, a thin layer of clouds blanketed open fields and yards, fog so low you could actually see the sunny sky above it. And the plants are heavy with moisture, some bending over with the weight of it, although it hasn't rained.
Bumblebee on goldenrod, which is now in full bloom.
False sunflowers, also in full bloom. The world is yellow, the color of late summer, when everything seems tinged by sunshine but yet sunshine seems further away, fleeting. Early September is a beautiful time of the year, and made perhaps more so by the fact that it is the time when its slipping through your fingers...

Some random sentences strung together this morning, with no coherent structure. I guess I'm tired.

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