Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A sketch from last year that accurately reflects the current status of Solomon's seal, both false and "real."

A Free Verse Poem for Today
note:  I certainly don't fancy myself a poet, but every once in a while, the poetic urge strikes.  When it does, as now, I don't squelch it, as many do, or claim to be a bad poet.  Indeed, I don't believe there is such a thing as a bad poet... although I'm sure some professional poets disagree, for the sake of job security, if nothing else.  That said... 

A Free Verse Poem for Today
Almost columbine,
Almost lily of the valley,
Almost warm,
Almost May apple,
Almost Jack in his pulpit.
A single, early dandelion seed floats by, 
A lazy parachute 
With its passenger dangling, 
Swaying gently,
Aiming for the garden. 
Almost relaxing.

In my mom's yard, jewelweed pops up in droves.  This week they were between 1/2 and 3 inches tall.  She let me dig some up and transfer them to my yard, where I have planted them among the day lilies.  I hope they will grow and thrive and spread their popper seeds all over and eventually, proliferate and out-compete the day lilies.  Weedy though they may be, I quite love the small orange touch-me-not flowers, irregular and hidden under thick leaves to those who don't bother to look for them, and their exploding seed pods... who wouldn't love those!

Pussytoes, golden Alexander, bedstraw.

Also sighted today:  swallowtail butterfly, redbud leaf out, mistflowers finally emerging but very tiny.  No sign of butterfly milkweed yet -- I am hoping this isn't because mine all failed, in 3 separate locations at home (and also in school gardens).  With so many samples, this seems unlikely.  
Yesterday:  mayfly, seen by fivecrows

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