Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardening Phenology

This weekend was about gardening... no photos, no drawings... 

We've hit the time of year when the yard needs mowing every weekend -- it grows so fast with the coolth (but not cold) and the wetness.  This weekend was the PCCS/Learning Farm plant sale.  We got a lot of veggie and annual starts that we can't plant yet (cold) and some natives that we did plant this weekend already.  

The link between gardening and phenology is strong.  Indeed, the original purpose of knowing what happened when involved getting food!  These links still exist.  Here's an interesting chart from

Phenology Clues

Plant peasWhen forsythia & daffodils blooms
Plant potatoesWhen 1st dandelion blooms
When the shadbush flowers
Plant beets, carrots, cole crops, lettuce and spinachWhen lilac is in first leaf
Plant beans, cucs and squashWhen lilac is in full bloom
Plant tomatoesWhen lily-of-the-valley are in full bloom
Transplant eggplant, melon and peppersWhen irises bloom
Plant cornWhen apple blossoms start to fall
Seed fall cabbage and broccoliWhen catalpas and mockoranges bloom
Seed morning gloriesWhen maple leaves reach full size
Plant cool season flowers (pansies, snapdragons...)When aspen and chokecherry trees leaf out
Watch for:
Eastern tent caterpillars to hatchWhen crab apples start to bloom
Gypsy moths hatchWhen the shadbush flowers
Squash vine borer eggs are laidWhen chicory flowers
Mexican bean beetle larvae hatchWhen foxglove flowers open.
Japanese beetles arriveWhen morning glory vines start to climb

On another note...I wonder if the last frost has passed... if so, I missed it!  It was so long ago I didn't even write it down because it didn't seem possible it was the last one.  And yet, even last night, which was very cold, in the 30s, there was no frost this morning. 

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