Friday, May 15, 2009

More Bird Nerdery

OK, seriously, people... I am going to sprout binoculars and a field guide soon.  I have seen my third bird-nerdy bird in as many days.  This morning on the way to school, way up in the trees -- a flash of red that was distinctly non-cardinal.  No pointy head.  Black wings.  Have you guessed yet?

That's right.  A scarlet tanager, I'm fairly certain.  They summer here and winter South or Central America, so a pretty cool sighting for me.

And speaking of flashes of red... the first columbines have opened.  (My camera thought it was dark enough to need a flash.  It is raining this morning, but it's a bright rainy day, and I'm not sure I agreed with the camera... but no time to argue this morning.)  

Also, crab apples are starting to drop their petals, like warm snow falling around the trees. 

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