Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger:  A Study

Wild ginger is flowering; this plant is unassuming, with flowers that are neither showy nor large.  And yet, I am quite taken with them.  Their leaves are simultaneously shiny and fuzzy.  These aren't quite opposites, but they're close.  Like being small but powerful, or joyful but sedated.  Many things manage to live life as a paradox, ginger leaves included.  The veins on the leaves form a branching pattern, constantly splitting in two like a river delta.  They are so thick and accentuated that they form shadows on the leaf.

Leaves are the showboat of this plant; the flowers are barely noticeable.  They lie on the ground in the leaf litter, touching the soil.  Burgundy and cream in color, they are practically furry.  Their three long petals curve to points.  These flowers are not trying to attract butterflies or bees, but rather flies and gnats... less discriminating pollinators at first glance, but up close, the flowers are quite pretty.  They have a white and burgundy design inside them that only the few get to see!  

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