Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bird Nerd

I am turning into a regular bird nerd.

Yesterday was the cedar waxwings, today a common yellowthroat.  I noticed a small stripey-headed bird on a branch this morning -- during the relaxing part of my day when the campfire had been started but the students had not yet arrived -- and I went over to investigate.  I never got a good look at stripey-head, but I noticed the yellowthroat in a bush below and started watching him.  (Honestly, not being a true bird nerd, I thought the other was maybe the yellowthroat female.  But now I check the bird book, I find out it's not.  So I may have seen another cool bird but I'll never know.)

Yellowthroats spend the summer here, and the winter way far to the south, so they could be settling in here, or they could be heading further north to find a summer home.  

Also today, two swallowtails spent the whole day dancing around the lawn in the sun.  BTW, these were black swallowtails, whereas the one from yesterday was a tiger swallowtail.  

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