Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's a sunny, beautiful day that is almost lovely enough to chase away my blah's...
Speckled alder catkins dangle in the wind, invisibly transferring their pollen. To the left, fingers that just brushed against the flowers demonstrate just how much pollen is in each flower cluster. I am amazed by plant forms always, but especially when regarding their reproductive parts. Humans hide these aspects of their biology and don't talk about them, but plants put it all out there, immodest. I think always of the title of Michael Pollan's book (which isn't about plant reproduction so much as plant domestication) The Botany of Desire. It (that title/phrase) runs through my mind every time I examine a flower, large or small...
Aspen trees, just a few days later than last year, have catkined. Their grey fuzz seems nearly to glow in the bright sun.

Also noted: female American Hazel flowers are not out yet, but the pink ends are just visible poking out of some buds.

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