Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mercury Falling!

Sitting here typing, I feel like the roof is about to cave in. This is not some metaphor for the state of my life or anything... I literally feel as though the building may collapse around me. The walls are creaking and other strange noises make it sound as though I am in some sort of immediate danger. I'm not, of course, that's just how this building reacts to strong winds -- and today's are pretty dramatic. 30 mph gusts, according to internet sources, although it seems stronger than that.

These winds are being accompanied with drastic and uncomfortable temperature changes. Before school it seemed OK out (and was 44 degrees). By the end of my first class it seemed a lot colder. Now it's 32 degrees. And it's not even night yet! All in all, not a very pleasant spring day...

ONE MORE DAY until spring break! I need it.

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