Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Warm Day...

... and things are popping up all over the place.
Daffodils in the yard, which may have even been there under the snow, became visible today.

Here is a baby columbine. The tiny buds on my Am. Hazel have started opening as well, but they are too tiny for me to photograph. Also, pick up a few of winter's decomposing leaves, and I found all sorts of squirmy life. Worms, centipedes, little roly polies, and some tiny white bugs are all active and plentiful under there...

Also heard, seen, or reported by a third party:
  • killdeers, today.
  • sandhill cranes, a few days ago, reported by fivecrows' father.
  • a bat, reported by fivecrows,
  • herons, seen by me today but earlier in the week by fivecrows,
  • our porch raccoon is back to looking longingly (or with loathing, I'm not sure) into our window.
  • cedar waxwings, also seen by fivecrows.
  • it is very muddy!
Ice is still on the lakes, but there's a lot of melted water on top of it...

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