Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome, Sun! (And Snow!)

On our journey through space, we hit a momentous occasion today. We have come to the point in our tilted orbit where the sun passes over the equator (at 12:32 CDT) and now shines more directly on the northern hemisphere.

We are thankful to the sun for our life force, the energy that fuels our bodies (and everything else), we are thankful for the plants that sustain us by creating sugars with the aid of its rays, we are thankful for lingering evenings in the yard and the feeling of warmth on our cheeks.

Today we welcome the sun... but someone forgot to inform the sun! We woke up to a white world.
This morning, Chris started his spring digging through the snow and earth to make a grave for Draco, the snake who died in the night of unknown causes. Sadness reigns for the moment.

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