Friday, March 5, 2010

The Results

Our search for signs of spring did not, today, yield a red-wing blackbird (although many starlings tried to fool me). But we did find this fellow on the snow. He's curled up there as a result of many kindergarten fingers poking at him (you would, too...) but the caterpillar was definitely alive and moving. I don't know what kind it is or how it spends its winters, but we've optimistically decided it's a sign of spring.

We also saw a V-flock of geese migrating north and robins (which used to be the harbinger of spring but now, well...).

Back in winter world, the melting and refreezing made some really neat ice structures last night.


  1. Is he not a Wooly Bear? If so, he has been overwintering somewhere relatively warm and safe....
    Poor little guy will not be able to find much green food to eat, so will probably go back to sleep for awhile and try again in a few weeks.

  2. He is not a wooly bear, at least not a normal one. The picture doesn't show, but he was much smaller. Also, he only had black on one end of him, and his brown portion was not as reddish as most wooly bears. Perhaps I shall go research him.

    Whenever I type wooly, my fingers type wolly first and I have to go back and fix it. I wonder why?

  3. Any ID on the caterpillar?

    I wish I could answer your finger-problem question, but as I have a number of typing issues as well, I am of no help. My problem is that when I mean to type "as" it often ends up as "ass".

    Greta was hoping to claim the First RWBB award as she saw hers Saturday morning, and was dismayed to find you beat her. She is now changing her story.

  4. Wait!!!

    I misread the DIDN'T see one on Friday.

    I saw mine at 10:30 Saturday morning and Greta claims she saw one at saw yours about the same time I did, right?

    If she won, she will think herself cooler than we....I don't think we want that.