Sunday, April 11, 2010

... And Today.

You may recall that last year, I transplanted three jewelweed seedlings from my parents house. Seeds themselves are extremely hard to collect, what with their springing mechanism, so I dug up the plants, which did not like their journey but manages to perk back up and survive. I am thrilled to announce that this baby, pictures to the left, is not alone. There are at least 20 of them growing now in the area of the three original pioneers. My plan is working!

Now, I know these aren't the world's most desired garden plants... they have the word "weed" in their name, although they aren't. In fact, they are native to most of the USA east of the Rockies. Their delicate flowers truly are jewel-like, and they are not only shade-tolerant, but generally tolerant and require no work from me... Thus, I desire them as garden plants even if no one else does. Of course, they spread fast (as I have already witnessed) and they're annuals, so they need an appropriate space...
Maples (sugar, to the left) and their evil kin boxelders (below) are fully flowering, most green, though some species are have red, too. These individuals have leaves emerging as well -- their lobed shapes nearly translucent with newness. Such an exciting time of year.

Now I must attend to my seedlings, which are enjoying their third adventure in the fresh air and sunshine this afternoon.

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