Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look Up Sometimes

This may strike you as a strange photo to put front and center. Perhaps it is. After all, it's practically a picture of nothing. But yesterday afternoon, I was walking with a class, and looking up as I walked. I'm not sure why I was looking up, but I was, and I was moving on one direction and the clouds were moving rather swiftly in a different direction, and I actually got dizzy. I had to stop walking. This caused a whole bunch of kids, who are not allowed to walk in front of me, to stop. They saw where I was gazing, and they, too, looked up at the sky. I heard comments, "Look at the clouds!" "They're so cool." "They keep changing." So I decided, while we were stopped, to take a picture of them. They act as a reminder, written in condensation, that sometimes things that seem like almost nothing are still wondrous, still worth stopping and taking a look at. And that pausing to notice what's happening around you will enrich your day.

In flower news, we have purple:
geraniums, and
woodland phlox.
We have white:
bedstraw, almost open, and
And finally, we have bayberry, not native and not my favorite shrub, with its prickly demeanor, but the tiny flowers are actually quite striking, when you look at them up close.

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