Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Y! E! S!

So the other day, we were walking at the gardens and the air was warm and flowers were blooming (some, anyhow) and it was a beautiful day. And I said, "The only thing wrong is, I wish there were dragonflies [and/or damselflies]. I love them and I miss them." Well... that means that today is perfect. Soaring over the water, electric blue and huge, there they were. Darting around like they never had left. Some sort of darner, although I don't have my book and they didn't want to sit for photos. This particular variety is not perchers, and the only way I got even a blurry photo of them was because this mating pair did land on a reed for a few brief seconds.
I also saw two cabbage white (or similar) butterflies.

I got distracted by insects while I was noting how some leaves were progressing, btw:
bur oak, water lily, hazel.

So... today is a DAY (that is, a red letter day! Ha! I'm a hilarious punner, no? Sorry, couldn't resist.) And those of you who know me will confirm... I am not upset even though I dropped my camera case in the pond while taking pictures of dragonflies (better than the camera, I guess) and then this weevil crashed into me.
Even without biting, it hurt. Thing just rammed full speed into my forehead. It hurt me, but it really stunned the bug. Knocked itself right out, which is how I got the picture. Or maybe it even died, but I doubt it. I didn't stick around to find out.

And those things might normally upset me. But I'm just happy about my dragonflies.

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