Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving On...

This morning I awakened to a frost-covered world. Around here, our last frost date is May 15, supposedly. This is when it is deemed pretty safe to plant frost-intolerant plants outside. That means that, two weeks before the safe date, every time the cold night causes frost, it could theoretically be the last... last night's frost was accompanied by temperatures that, according to the internet, dipped below freezing. (My thermometer is currently out of commission, so I must trust the internet.)

On the other hand, today I went out into the "woods" (I put quotes because we're a prairie place -- our woods are smaller than a football field and mostly buckthorn and honeysuckle) and swarms of little gnats (or tiny mosquitoes -- kids thought they were this, but they never bit anyone) were all around our heads... Just Monday these bugs weren't around at all. So it's winter and summer, all in one day.

In the plant world, there are new flowers every day...
But some things have moved past stage 1 (flowering) and on to stage 2 (seeds)...
Maple "helicopters" getting prepared for flight.
Serviceberries flowers have ended, berries have yet to form.

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