Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ticked Off

I haven't seen one yet myself... but I have heard reports of ticks being found yesterday and today (including one reliable source from WI, so that's north of here).

Bummer. Ticks are not my favorite natural creature. Somehow, the idea of something that bites you and stays on without you knowing it makes me feel violated. I prefer a painful, obvious bite, although in this case that would obviously be a bad adaptation for the critter... they'd never get past the first munch and be able to latch on and get their fill.

But, we live with them because we have to!


  1. Once I did this Halloween hayride at Stonewall Farm. The idea was that a Farmer was having a dinner for all of the animals except for the disgusting ones. Of course the tick was one of the animals who was not invited. People would go from one place to another visiting with the disgusting animals. Each animal tried to persuade people to take them to the dinner. The tick was the only one who could not persuade anyone. Everyone was just creeped out by the tick and plus the tick really didn't have any good side.

    Does a tick have a good side?

  2. That's a good story.

    I'd say of they have a good side, it's the side that doesn't bite. So... the butt end.
    Second thought... no. No good side.