Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

I'm not sure what's up with me lately... the past few days have been perfectly lovely and I have been thoroughly enjoying them... but I haven't felt like blogging too much at all. I suppose it's natural for my excitement about things to wain. Anyhow, I felt obliged to go out and snap a shot of this flower -- name still unknown -- that I photographed on April 12, 2009. I noticed them blooming on Tuesday, so they bloomed over a week earlier this year.

I also wanted to get a shot of the scilla, (which I know I blogged about last year, too, but I can't find it...anyhow...) They actually just opened up in my yard, although I know that I've seen them open for days in other places. Not sure why mine are late bloomers. So out I went to take some pictures of these two purple blossoms, when I was thrilled and surprised to find...
VIOLETS! Which were definitely not open on Tuesday, or even close (yesterday I was in the city, far enough south that many things are a couple of days ahead, so can't say what happened then). Anyhow, I posted a sketch of these violets on April 11 last year, but that was not on their first day of flowering, so I can't say if they, too, are ahead of '09. So the violets motivated me a bit to blog, and to keep exploring.

This cultivated flower also opened up yesterday or this morning. It reminds me of bluebells, and was the inspiration for me planting some of those, which I have not noticed yet so I am hoping they do come back. Now, here are some more baby pictures that I can't resist posting:

Hepatica flower buds grow in the middle of a cluster of lobed leaves, which actually seem to grow under the snow. Their white fuzz seems to almost glow in the morning sun.

Baby bloodroot.

I noticed these geraniums on Tuesday, but then they were all curled up little pink blobs (as the one leaf in the middle of the photo still is). Their color was quite pretty and unique, but today the leaves have opened up and turned reddish.

And... look how close we are to daffodils!

It's supposed to be around 80 today, and sunny, and I am going to go enjoy it... I'm just wondering... will it snow next week or something to make up for this?